A gutter-rat from Newburgh,  I am the author of Louey Levy’s Greatest Catch, which i refer to modestly as a Jewish To Kill a Mockingbird. Buy the newly revised edition by clicking http://bit.ly/2xMvVgi

You can also buy the paperback at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, but it’s cheaper if you click on the link, which takes you directly to the “ordering page” of the publisher, Outskirts Press. Its protagonist is a motherless 10-year-old tomboy growing up in America in the 1950s, a time when Jackie Robinson had broken the major-league color barrier and abortion was illegal. You’ll like it.

Meanwhile, thanks for visiting my website! I’ll be writing here about all kinds of things, including my garden; my family; random weird thoughts, opinions and suggestions for Improving the World; and various crazy experiences (such as serving for four years on the Newburgh City Council).

I might also toss in a few poems.

I’d enjoy having your comments.

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