So the Columnist Wrote …

… in the Sunday edition of the Record that the biggest achievement in a father’s life is when his kids have all graduated from college. The next bigggest, he wrote, was when they are all happily married. But since HIS sons, he said, seem to be showing no interest in marrying, the third biggest achievement — potty-training his kids — has risen, in his case, to second place on that list. 

And so the Copy-Editor headlined the column: “Among life’s achievements, potty-training is No. 2.” For the Web version, i seriously considered embellishing it to say: “Of life’s accomplishments, potty-training is a solid No. 2.” But then i had a rare flash of good taste, and didn’t.

Either the publisher didn’t see that headline, or my second stint at the Record will be ending shortly. i’ll keep you posted.

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