Take Care of Yo Mama

Today there’s a wonderful op-ed piece in The New York Times about the possibility of life existing anywhere but on earth: http://nyti.ms/1de78Cb

As for me, I like Michio Kaku’s thesis in his 1997 book “Visions,” in which he posits that the reason we still haven’t discovered extraterrestrial life despite all the probes, satellites, broadcast radiation, etc., that we on earth have been shooting into space for decades, may be very simple: Intelligent life may have arisen elsewhere eons ago, many times and in many places, but then as on Earth, these creatures poisoned their planets’ ecosystems with pollution or got caught up in nationalistic, religious, ethnic, or political-power wars and destroyed themselves. Thus the reason no one in our galaxy has as yet responded to all of our “Are you out there?” messages is: They WERE out there, but now they’re dead! Three take-aways: 1. Develop longer-range probes and keep trying; 2. Be open to the probability that intelligent life elsewhere doesn’t look like us. Evolving in a different environment, after all, aliens may look like a used tire, a stick of raw spaghetti or a mole rat. And 3. Revere our own beautiful planet and treat her well. As Robert Frost said: “Earth’s the right place for love: I don’t know where it’s likely to go better.”