We’re All Wizening Up

Wonderful typo in today’s NY Times story by Zach Schonbrun on the Knicks’ loss to Chicago last night: It says the Bulls won because they “wizened up.” Here’s the line from the story:

Chicago wizened up, buckled down and sent the Nets a stern message in a 90-82 win.

The copy desk accelerated the wizening of its readers by letting the error go, and the paper’s web staffers apparently liked the phrase so well that they contributed a large tease in the online version, just under the headline:

“… the Chicago Bulls wizened up, buckled down and handed the Nets a stern wake-up call.”

Schonbrun’s style is to write with the ear of a poet, resulting in nice rhythms. At the end of the story, for example, he writes:

That is the nature of Game 2. And now the series is back to Square 1.

i only wish a copy editor has wised up while reading that story, and that the Times’ web staff hadn’t missed the rebound.

You Make the Call

Discerning readers, please decide: Who was the more important woman who died this week?

Margaret Thatcher: Best known for: making millions of people miserable. 2 greatest achievements: Being Great Britain’s first female prime minister and abolishing the nation’s free-milk-in-schools program. Best friend: US President Ronald Reagan, promulgator of the failed “trickle-down” theory of economics. Friendship began in 1981, when he was 70 and she, 66. Quote: “I stand before you … the Iron Lady of the Western World.”

Annette Funicello: Best known for: making millions of people happy. 2 greatest achievements: Being a Mouseketeer in the first year of the “Mickey Mouse Club” and starring in the carefree “Beach Blanket” movies with Frankie Avalon. Best friend: Shelley Fabares, singer of “Johnny Angel.” Friendship began in 1955 in catechism class, when they were both 13. Quote: “Beauty is as beauty does; that’s what wise men say.”

A lot of ink was spilled praising Margaret Thatcher this week, to which I say: Rest in peace, Annette.