Away with the Mangers


Yesterday’s paper features a headline i wrote for a story about how Orange County’s exec has proposed that managers pay 10% toward the cost of their health insurance from now on (currently, they pay zero). Underneath a boring main head like, “Orange health-care plan at issue,” or something like that, i distinguished myself by writing a drop-head that i intended to say, “Managers ordered to pay.” Except i wrote, “Mangers ordered to pay.” Because “mangers” is a word, it didn’t come up in Spell-Check, and somehow it got by me and everybody else.

i only noticed it last night when i was casually perusing the paper to see what goddamned winning lottery numbers were supposed to be in today’s first edition, which in second, etc. And there it was. Nobody said anything about it to me.


Let’s not tell anybody.

A Rain Barrel in Every Pot!

If i were in charge, i’d make it mandatory for all landlords and homeowners to have a rain barrel for each of their buildings. Checking┬áthe Web just now, i see they range from cheap (a barrel that can fit under your downspout, or to which you can lead a hose or funnel of some kind from your downspout) to fancy (different colors and materials). When it’s full, you’d ask the DPW and/or Water Department to send a┬átruck over, and city workers would siphon or dump your rain barrel into it. This rain-barrel water could be used for watering all the city’s flower and community-vegetable gardens, at the ER and doctor’s offices for icing injuries, for cleaning the city’s vehicles, and for any other places or events where (non-drinkable) water is needed.

Come to think of it, maybe such water could even be made drinkable, with treatment. It could be dropped off at the city’s water-treatment plant, or be dumped into the city’s reservoirs, when they’re low.

Certainly mandatory rain barrels would lower homeowners’ water costs, because they could use their buildings’ own rain barrel for watering their gardens, washing their cars, filling their kiddie-pools, etc., instead of getting “new” water from hoses.

Good idea, right?