Let’s Go, Packers … Kinda

Below is an e-mail i sent my colleague, the great Record sports columnist Kevin Gleason, about the weighty matter of whom i should root for in the upcoming Super Bowl, and his reply.

Dear Mr. G:
As a woman, the upcoming Super Bowl presents me with a
Should i be rooting for the FORMER team of the MARRIED QB
who sends photos of his wienie to female colleagues, or for the
CURRENT team of the SINGLE QB who gets underage girls drunk in bars
and then has sex with them?
Sign me,
Puzzled in Newburgh

Dear Puzzled:

Great question. I’d go with the FORMER team of the MARRIED QB who sent
photos of his wienie to female colleagues. The Packers are, after all, the
team that got rid of said quarterback, once and for all telling him that
they no longer wanted him on their team.