Sheikh Khalid Muhammad’s Chest Hair

Sheikh Khalid Muhammad, whom the news media universally refer to as the “mastermind” of Islamic terrorism (and can’t we think of a better word than “mastermind”? It’s wrong on so many counts) has made me rethink my lifelong aversion to men shaving their chest hair.

I used to figure: You’re a man! That’s what men look like! So unless you’re gay, or have some other legitimate reason for being consumed with grooming, just leave it!

But Sheiky’s photo has been running in the paper a lot lately (I guess various officials are weighing in on where he should be tried, or something), and the only photo we seem to have of him — the same could be said for every other paper in the country, by the way — is that skanky-skeevy one of him in his white boat-neck T-shirt, with massive crowds of black curlies popping out of the top of it and crawling halfway up his neck. Even his face could use a shave, for that matter — he looks like a Newburgh cab driver after a 20-hour shift.

Anyway, we must’ve run that photo about 20 times in the past two weeks and, after much consequent thought about men shaving their chest hair, i’m thinking, y’know what? Go ahead.