Guess What Newburgh pays?

Here’s a fun exercise: Below i have typed the current salaries (for the year 2008) for the management and other non-union-represented employees of the City of Middletown. These, i guarantee you, are absolutely accurate, as they have come from an impeccable source with access to the figures. Now it’s your turn to GUESS what the City of Newburgh pays its employees with these titles (or similar but equivalent titles):

Assessor: $69,732

Treasurer (this is called “comptroller” in Newburgh): $85,490

Executive Director of Civil Service Department: $58,045

City Clerk: $53,560

Civil Service Director: $58,045

Common Council and Deputy Clerk: $34,263

Community Development Director: $76,087

Assistant Director of Community Development: $45,240

Housing Loan Officer: $43,603

Administrative Assistant to the Office of Community Development: $37,132

Corporation Counsel: $57,963

Assistant Corporation Counsel: $32,601

Confidential Secretary to the Corporation Counsel: $45,866

Commissioner of Public Works: $136,591

Deputy Commissioners of Public Works: $72,000

Police Chief: $127,278

Computer Systems Specialist for the Police Department: $60,000

Confidential Secretary to the Police Chief: $51,500

Superintendent of Parks and Recreation: $69,225

Assistant to the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation: $53,045

Parks and Rec Program Coordinator: $38,000


Senior Citizens Program Director: $54,742 (The equivalent position in Newburgh also supervises “youth and family” programs)

Paramount Theater Director: $44,386

Administrative Assistant to the Paramount Theater Director: $30,738

Paramount Theater Technician: $29,815

Executive Administrative Assistant to the Mayor: $34,421 (Please note: Newburgh has a “Special Assistant to the City Manager”)

Whoever comes up with the corresponding figures for Newburgh first, wins!! Also, please watch this space for our next family-fun game, “GUESS WHAT THE NEWBURGH SCHOOL DISTRICT PAYS!”